Intelligent Lighting

With our wide range of professional grade lighting effects, we can easily create a nightclub lighting experience at your event. We can compose beautiful displays of lights accenting the architectural features of venues as well as elegant illumination of dance floors.

We are able to mount the lighting on a variety of support ranging from basic T-Bar light stands with music responsive lights for smaller setups to full truss systems with intelligent lights for the ultimate nightclub experience.

We can cover small dance floors or rooms up to a couple thousand people.

Basic LED Lighting

LED floods are the single most important light for a dance floor. It’s minimalistic but creates a fun atmosphere. These lights respond to the beat of the music and don’t need any special attachment to work.

Intelligent Lighting

Intelligent Lighting allows us to manipulate the light producing unique and dramatic effects. This type of fixtures gives us full control over all of the lighting and takes your event to the next level!

A light operator will be on site for your entire event controlling the lights movements, colors, speed, patterns and intensities to enhance the mood for lighting grand entrances, accenting first dance, event toasts, speeches, cake cutting, performance cues and dancing. During dancing we match the lighting to the energy level of the music to create a fun and dynamic environment.

These light shows make a huge impact on guests and are a great way to really surprise them later in the night during the dancing.

Our moving head lights can project pattern designs, custom logos, serve as spotlights and illuminate dance floor area in 360 degrees.

We also have a haze effect that combined with intelligent lighting allows everyone to see all the lights like you were at a club or concert.