Audio Visuals


We specialize in providing Audio Visual solutions, no matter the size or occasion.

Whether you need TV’s or large video screen systems to project a business presentation, graphic imagery, video content or a live feed in your next corporate event, let us assist you. 

Video displays serve as structural decor elements and combined with some of the lighting options we provide, your venue can be transformed into something spectacular.

Additional add-ons like laptops, video switchers, laser pointers, sound systems, wireless microphones & acrylic lecterns are available to ensure a successful event.


Our PA systems are scalable, so we can provide small, medium and large systems depending on the needs of our clients to deliver optimum coverage, power, and clarity for your guests.

Fast fold front or rear projection screens 

Our larger screens are front or rear projection, which means that the projector can be hidden behind the screen or placed very close in front of the screen for better visualization.

Our screen sizes range from 6’×10’ to 7.5’ x 13’ in 16:9 widescreen format.  Larger sizes are available upon request.   The dress kits are available on black or white drapery and serves to hide projection equipment. The overall effect is a professional theater like appearance.

Short Throw Projectors

Our short throw projectors only use 2’ to 4’ feet to project a full screen image, whereas traditional long-throw projectors need 12’ to 16’ feet of space. This means more space for your event. Can be used with front or rear projection screens. We have several available in 4,000 lumens version.

Long Throw Projectors

Long throw projectors are ideal for large events and are bright enough to produce outstanding picture quality providing crystal clear, high definition images. Can be used with front or rear projection screens. We have several available in 6,000 lumens version.


We can provide high definition TV’s mounted on truss totems to display visual content. Multiple TVs around a room can have a more streamlined visual impact than a large projection screen especially if working in a very tight layout.