Confetti Showers


Confetti showers are hands down the most fun add-on for any special event. Used to make an impactful impression, our team of experienced technical professionals will help you create exactly the effect you want.

We can provide this service using two types of confetti machines. Ranging in size and use, a Confetti blower is our recommended option for small gatherings and our CO2 Confetti blasters are the way to go to for a long lasting confetti experience for either indoor or outdoor locations.

Confetti can be provided in either tissue or metallic and in a wide range of colors. We carry in stock tissue confetti in white, multicolored, pink and blue. In case you would like a different color or metallic style please let us know before hand. 

Confetti Blower

With the ability to shoot confetti up to 15’ feet high at a rate of 1 pound of confetti per 6 seconds it’s the perfect addition for intimate locations and small spaces. Up to 2 confetti pounds with a continuous flow of 12 seconds can be made without reloading the machine. One 20 amp electrical outlet is required for operation. Confetti blower is the cost effective solution for our confetti offerings.

CO2 Confetti Blasters:

Our high-end confetti blasters launch huge blasts of confetti over a crowd, covering stages or large dance floors entirely. 

With the ability to shoot tissue or metallic confetti at a rate of 1 pound per second up to 50’ feet high, we can fill almost any venue. Depending on the desired effect we can offer one, two or several units. Each confetti blaster can hold up to 30 pounds of confetti.

No electricity is required which makes these units extremely versatile and simple to use. Just open the gas valve, add handfuls of tissue or metallic confetti, and fill the sky. An operator is required to manually control the flow of CO2 gas.