Table Lighting


Our table lighting adds real drama to your room!

A Pin spot produces a focused beam of light in the color of your preference (mostly warm or cool white) that shines directly onto an object, centerpiece or wedding cake, as a highlight effect.

Imagine opening the doors to your event. Rooms lights are dimmed, décor lighting painting the walls, and those amazing centerpieces seem to be glowing in the center of your tables. Lighting adds instant drama to an evening event and lighted centerpieces will pull your guests to the tables to see your centerpieces.  

Our Pin spots are generally mounted to the ceiling or pipes structures and light objects from above; the same place your guests are viewing them. This completely highlights the centerpiece to get maximum attention! 

We have a variety of pin spot options, the most popular being battery powered. This is a wonderful way to add punch and elegance to each and every one of your tables.