Pattern Lighting


Revolutionize your event with our exclusive and visually attractive pattern lighting!

We offer the finest and larger collection of pattern lighting effect designs in Puerto Rico.

We can easily transform a standard meeting room of any size into one of a kind experience by throwing patterns at the walls, ceiling, or dance area. 

Pattern lighting effect is created by inserting a metal stencil into a moving head or ellipsoidal to produce a pattern of light. We stock designs in all kind of styles, ranging from symmetrical and geometric to curving designs. They can be static on a specific area or we can add motion to them with moving heads. Depending on the budget and event specifications is the type and quantity of fixtures needed to create a specific effect.

Choose from some of the beautiful designs we have and pair with décor lighting, custom gobos or monograms to add even more drama giving your space a look your guests haven’t seen before.

If you can’t find a pattern design from our collection that fits your needs, then you need a custom pattern design. A custom pattern design will have an extra cost than choosing an existing design from this page. Our graphic designer will take your idea and create the perfect design to make your event unique.

The following images show some of the pattern designs we hold on stock and gives you some tips on their use.