Dance Floors


Our stunning White LED Starlit Dance Floor is the perfect finishing touch to your event!

We can provide illuminated white acrylic LED RGBW starlit dance floors in different sizes up to 30’x 30’ in square shape or 24’ x 40’ in rectangular shape, large enough to fit any room. Our dance floors are low profile, so your guests will have no difficulty getting on and off during use.

How do the dance floors work?

Our floors are made from tough acrylic giving a magical shine. Each 2ft x 2ft and 2ft x 4ft panels contains several bright RGBW (Red, Green, Blue & White) LEDs that create an array of colors and patterns pulsating right under your feet throughout the night providing a stunning focal point for the evening’s entertainment.

Because the floor uses LED’s, we simply require one 20 amp electrical outlet and a perfectly flat surface to guarantee a successful performance. After each use, the dance floor is cleaned and polished to ensure it looks spectacular when assembled in the next event.

No messy wiring required, panels connect to each other as they are laid on the floor, and power is supplied through a special piece of edging with just one cable in one the corners. The floor is only one inch high and the edging is wheel chair friendly.

As we offer all our dance floors on a hire service, we take care of all of the transportation, installation and removal of the floor in the venue of your choice. 

Dance floor sizes:

Starlit dance floors are available in square and rectangular sizes in any multiple of 2ft. Guest number, venue, available space after décor has been placed and budget are some of the factors that can help determine the recommended size. When you contact us we will advise of the best available size based on your event characteristics.

Based on our experiences, the following are our recommendations:

Our dance floors are perfect for…

  • Weddings
  • Quinceañeras
  • Birthday Parties
  • Corporate events
  • Runway for fashion shows
  • School dances
  • Exhibitions
  • And many more…