Décor Lighting | Art of technology


Décor lighting is the latest trend for weddings & special events.  

Our 2 main décor lighting services are up lighting and down lighting. These types of lights will enhance any venue setting the tone in a way that no other décor element can. 

Up Lighting:

Up Lighting is a series of lights strategically positioned on the floor around the room to create their effect.

There may be certain features of your venue such as walls, pillars, entrances, bar area or plants that you would like to highlight. We can do this, by placing up lighting units at the base.

We offer 6 in 1 RGBAW + UV Wireless LED up lights to create unlimited color mixing to match your event decor.

Pair up lighting with other lighting effects for even more impact. The results are completely worth the investment! 

Down lighting: 

Unlike Up Lighting, which creates singles column of light, Down lighting creates color washes to cover tables, specific areas or entire walls of a room in color, almost like painting with light.

These lights allow us to dim the overall room while allowing guests enough illumination to chat and see the table in front of them.

By using LED down lights, lighting stands and truss columns, we can wash your entire venue in the desired color scheme, and integrate this with the up lighting to create a complete color wash.

Décor lighting is a great way to customize your venue, and looks even better combined with pattern lighting and monogram lighting.