Dance Floor Lighting


With our wide range of professional grade lighting effects, we can easily create a nightclub lighting experience at your event.

Moving heads allows us to manipulate the light producing unique and dramatic effects. This type of fixtures gives us full control over all of the lighting and takes your event to the next level!

A light operator will be on site for your entire event programming and controlling the lights movements, colors, speed, patterns and intensities to enhance the mood for lighting grand entrances, accenting first dance, event toasts, speeches, cake cutting, performance cues and dancing. During dancing we match the lighting to the energy level of the music to create a fun and dynamic environment.

These light shows make a huge impact on guests and are a great way to really surprise them later in the night during the dancing.

Our moving head lights can project pattern designs, monograms, custom logos, serve as spotlights and illuminate dance floor area in 360 degrees.

If your event requires a larger production, staging, dance floor or additional services, please contact us so that we can provide a custom proposal for your exact specifications.

For the ease of our clients, we’ve created 17 dance floor lighting setups to choose from. Each setup can be customized to fit a specific height or width. Options are endless and we can also’ design a custom montage to suit your event needs.

The pictures are in ascending order from the most elaborate montage to the most basic.