Corporate Events, Meetings & Conventions

Whether you’re delivering a simple presentation to a few colleagues, planning a reunion, team-building event, benefit, conference, annual celebration or looking to impress potential clients, we can help reinforce the message, meeting all your requirements to a high standard.

From small to large audiovisual setups, proper lighting and music to create the perfect atmosphere, it’s our job to ensure attendees in the back of the room, have the same experience as those in the front row.

Our team has years of combined experience in the entertainment industry and understands the work it takes to execute a successful production.


Your event will be a “sound success” when you add our sound systems to your next event. Whether it’s our wired or wireless microphones, compact speakers or a large scale sound system, Revolution will ensure that every word, intonation or musical note is delivered with purity and dynamic range.


Whether you are looking for TV’s or screen projection, Revolution offers flexible options while at the same time providing image quality. We can provide, tv monitors, screens, projectors and computers.


We will transform your meeting into an extraordinary event with the use of our pattern lighting, decorative up lighting, spotlights, intelligent lighting and client gobo projection.

Whether you are projecting a customized shape on a screen or curtain, focusing light directly in one area for enhanced visibility, adding elegance and color to a blank wall, revealing a new product or enhancing an atmosphere with moving lights, Revolution offers a variety of interior and exterior packages to ensure an unforgettable experience.

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