Drapery is the perfect way to dress your event, creating beautiful event spaces.

Our drapes will be professionally installed using our pipe & base rigging systems and steam cleaned to remove any wrinkle from storage or transport. This ensures they will look fantastic when your guests enter the room!

Pipes & Drapes structures are the industry standard system for hanging fabrics in rooms with no fixing points and can be used to cover walls, divide rooms, make a beautiful backdrop, change layout of venue or create stunning entranceways and will totally transform any venue they’re used in.

We have in stock hundreds of black and white pipe and drape that can extend from a minimum of 7’ up to 18′ feet high.   

We have fire retardant drapes made from lightweight fabric, which will still allow natural light into the room from windows, though we can still provide a full blackout, if you prefer.

Add some up lighting, string lights, or even pattern washes and you’ll have a look like no other!

To give an estimate for draping your venue, we require the length, width and height of the room as a minimum. If you have a full floor plan, then we’ll be able to give a more accurate quote, however we would prefer to visit your venue to measure up.